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Struggling to Write Your Résumé?

People who have had success writing their own résumés often give the poor advice that seeking out a career professional is not necessary. There are problems with that advice that need clarification.

If you are great at writing career marketing documents and have been successful in landing interviews and jobs, then you may not need a ‘professional’ résumé writer. Your résumé is working! Congratulations!

However, to give general advice to those who struggle with writing about themselves, or lack job search strategies is not helpful. It can result in long-term unemployment, underemployment, or leave them stuck in a dead-end job. 

If you are getting interviews, but not landing the job, there is something going wrong at the interview stage of the hiring process.

Let’s say you split your leg open and have a large, deep, and painful laceration, but you have hydrogen peroxide, a needle, thread, and Tylenol. You CAN stitch yourself together and everything will be fine, right? Do you WANT to sew yourself up? Most people don’t. Writing their own résumé can be painful for some people. In many cases, it is actually costing these candidates the interview…and the job. Every month that passes they are losing income. 

The internet is saturated with people who claim to be professional résumé writers or interview coaches because they have submitted “100 applications and been on 20 interviews,”or have "reviewed a lot of résumés and hired people." They have decided they know enough from those experiences to make a career of résumé writing—and that is fine—if they have evidence of successful clients as a result.

For every day that you are not working in a job that makes you happy and makes you MONEY, you are losing out on both!

Let’s say you are currently making $120,000 per year. In a new job, you could be making $145,000. Factor in benefits that, for some people, can be as high as $35 per hour. Imagine accumulating an additional $25,000+ year after year.

How much is an unsuccessful job search costing you in lost income? Take a moment and do the math:

New job salary $_________ minus Old job salary $_____ = $_____.

What difference could that much money make in your life…not to mention perhaps a better location, better boss, and better job?

How much is it costing you in happiness?

Wouldn’t it be worth your time to invest in a career partner whose genius is career marketing results?

As a Certified Master Résumé Writer with 11 writing, interviewing, coaching, and social media certifications; as well as a 25-year record of success helping people land jobs, my advice is:

  • If your résumé is not working, and you NEED a job, don't waste precious time on going at it alone. Get help…from a professional….with a proven track record of success.
  • If you are getting interviews, but not landing the job, get help…from a professional….with a proven track record of success.


Bottom line: If you struggle with writing your résumé, lack effective job search strategies, and you aren't landing interviews, don’t feel guilty for getting help. My clients do what they do best, and I do what I do best—and they land jobs…faster…and make more money! 




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