Senior Executive Service (SES) Application Support

Are you preparing for a Senior Executive Service position in your near future?

Perhaps a career move to Senior Executive Service that you have planned your whole career?

Are you looking for expert technical writing and editing services at the Senior Executive Service level?

Are you a busy executive who needs help conveying your value so you can land a lucrative interview?

Look no further! You have found a Senior Executive Service team of experts, senior-level writers who are genuinely skilled in the SES process. Most importantly, writers who are intimately familiar with the audiences your career documents must speak to in order to land that desirable interview with the Senior Executive Service Review Board.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, you are wise to partner with us—the leading SES experts—SES career strategists who are truly skilled and experienced in writing high-quality, successful SES resumes, technical qualifications (TQs), and executive core qualifications (ECQs).

You have reached a pinnacle in your career and you deserve to work with the most qualified career strategists/writers to ensure your SES application is superior. SES application writing is a skilled craft that takes years of experience, training, and attention to every single detail. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to developing your SES application.

No one does it better. You can count on us to extract your most compelling information, emphasize what is important, and leave out what isn’t to maximize your impact and persuade the SES Review Board to interview you!

Don’t struggle with how to convey your value! Our expertise will assure your career story is captivating and you will be amazed how it all comes together!

We view our relationship as a 100% partnership. If you are willing to do your 50%, you can count on us to do our 50%. Together, we will be a winning team!

When it comes to executive leaders in government, we can help you:

  • Determine if you will rank as best qualified—saving you thousands of dollars and minimizing wasted time applying to positions that are not a good fit.
  • Craft your story and present your leadership expertise in your SES Resume, Technical Qualifications, and Executive Core Qualifications using our STCARI Method™ of Writing. This successful method encompasses the CCAR, but our STCARI Method™ will WOW the readers and give you the edge over your competition.
  • Learn best practices and cutting-edge strategies for applying to the position accurately.
  • Interview like never before—our Signature Interview Coaching™ continually gets rave reviews from our successful, job-landing clients. Our strategies are cutting-edge, unprecedented…and they work!
  • Negotiate your salary and benefits.

Our Expert Services Team is the only SES federal career consulting team that leads you through the entire federal government hiring process. Our A to Z services ensure you won’t be left to figure everything out on your own. You’ll find our SES expert services is a solid investment that will return value over and over throughout your career!

However, the results could be devastating if you decide to go it alone, hire someone less experienced in government-style technical writing and editing, or skimp on quality. Landing that once-in-a-lifetime lucrative interview opportunity you have been planning for your whole career is totally worth it! Our expertise will guide you to Senior Executive Service. We are standing by ready to review your information and set up an appointment to discuss your Senior Executive Service career strategy.

Learn how your SES résumé can be highly successful and why our clients are knocking down doors interviewing for some of the best government jobs! Recruiters and hiring officials love our résumés. They often comment that our clients’ applications are the most organized and complete applications they have ever seen. This makes their job so much easier and helps clients get hired faster! It can happen for you, too!

Today's job market is highly competitive! The Federal Government IS hiring job seekers who can demonstrate their experience, expertise, talent, and accomplishments…quickly, succinctly, and in unprecedented ways.

Click here to get started! We look forward to helping you land your Senior Executive Service leadership role.

Success Stories

I want to thank you for your outstanding work on my federal resume. It was a pleasure working with you on my project. Being deployed to Afghanistan made working on this project very difficult for me. Your expertise really helped. Your professional knowledge of the federal job hiring process is far unmatched from anyone I've dealt with in the past. You really know your stuff! I sincerely appreciate your assistance with posting my resume on the USAjobs and Resumix websites. I could not have done this without you.
Michael J. DiNicola

Camille produced a resume and KSAs that represented my experience and education and it also ‘looked’ amazing. I am sure that the resume that Camille worked on with me helped make my skills and experience stand out so that I was invited to the interview. Once through that door, I had a chance to sell myself and what I was capable of doing for my new employer—and I got the job. The money I spent having Camille professionally write my resume was one of the best investments I have ever made.
J. Weigand

Camille is outstanding! Her credentials, professionalism, business ethics, industry knowledge, and responsiveness are indeed superior. Before you make a decision to select a résumé writing company, talk to Camille at CC Career Services. This was the best money I’ve spent to enhance my career opportunities during 30 years of work history.
Gwen D.